Kids and Teens Classes

Yoga for Kids & Teens

Yoga is a fun and interactive way for children and teens to build strength, to release excess energy and to develop a healthy body and body image. Kids tend to lead intense lifestyles due to over-stimulation, academic and social pressures, blended families and busy schedules, all which create stress that can be hard for them to identify and clearly communicate. Our yoga practice provides tools children, teens and families can use to alleviate stress and find calm and balance in a safe, non-competitive environment. If your child has special needs, please contact us at 262-2012 to discuss the best fit for how yoga can assist with physical development, in enhancing focus and concentration and for finding peace and calm. 

* If you are interested in classes for Teens, please let us know as we would like to add this class back on our schedule in the near future. For now we can point Teens in the direction of appropriate grown-up classes to meet their needs. .

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Kids 8-Week Series

Villager Yoga’s classes encourage kids to explore and develop mind, body and being as they learn and practice traditional yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditations in creative sequences, group activities and guided relaxation. All classes move from warm-up to active play, through mindfulness exercises and closing relaxation.
Throughout the semester kids strengthen and deepen their self-awareness in the areas noted below. As they demonstrate growth, they will build their own powerful gemstone collection that reflects the rewards they will be experiencing in their everyday lives:

Red jasper: honoring spatial awareness, balance, and coordination
Carnelian: honoring creativity and trying new things
Tiger Eye: honoring physical strength and flexibility
Amazonite: honoring their kindness and respect for themselves and for the group
Sodalite: honoring their listening skills and group participation
Amethyst: honoring focus and concentration
Crystal quartz: honoring stillness and calmness in relaxation
Rose Quartz: honoring a willingness to be present
Hematite: honoring the release of negative experience and the enhancement of positive

Kids Series require full 8-week registration (one day per week), unless otherwise noted or a session is not at capacity, at which a student may drop-into a single class for $15.

4-7 years old

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:15 pm | led by Sarah Davis
Classes incorporate traditional yoga poses through age appropriate creative movement with a focus on building strength, balance, core development and spatial body awareness. Group participation and interaction is fostered through activities and games, while concentration and relaxation techniques are introduced to calm the mind and body.
Drop in available for January 18 – March 8 | Register now for March 15 – May 10

8-13 years old

Wednesdays, 4:00-4:45 pm | led by Annie Damsky
Class focus is on building strength, maintaining flexibility and developing balance and body awareness through invigorating movement. Mindfulness and concentration is practiced through group activities and meditation, while breathing and relaxation techniques are introduced for self-soothing, stilling the mind and reducing stress.

Drop in available for January 18 – March 8 | Register now for March 15 – May 10