EarthKeeper Yoga Workshop on March 2

Shamans call on archetypes and elements from the natural world to usher in change and support within ourselves and the greater community. These archetypes, such as the hummingbird and the moon, are connected to our chakra system and we can call upon these powerful beings through ceremony, movement, and stillness to unblock or release stagnant energy from our emotional bodies. Class will include an introduction to the 7 archetypes, a ceremony to open sacred space, followed by a 60-75 minute vinyasa practice, and concluding with a guided meditation focused on grounding and balancing the chakras.

*Palo Santo, essential oils, and other fragrances will be used. Those who have sensitivities should speak with the teacher before class begins. All levels are welcome. We will meet monthly to further explore how Shamanism and yoga can be used together to further connect to ourselves and the natural world.

A Birmingham native, Ashley began her yoga and Shamanic journey in 2016. Through Earthkeeper Yoga, Ashley incorporates the ritual and ceremony of Shamanism with the movement and stillness of yoga.  Ashley’s intention is to combine her love of Nature, ceremony and yoga as she deepens the mind, body and spirit connection both within herself as well as the larger community. She finds joy in encouraging and inspiring others.

Ashley is a certified yoga teacher and has studied with Sacred Glow Yoga, as well as the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA and Transformational Healing Arts in Madison, CT.


Date + Time

Friday, March 2
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Led by

Ashley McDuff


$25 in advance; $30 day-of

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