Teaching Yoga Classes that are Body Positive: Workshop with Nancy Rhodes

Teaching Yoga Classes that are Body Positive
Body Positivity is a movement that strives to help people overcome conflict with their own body. Learn how to create an atmosphere of acceptance and self-love in your yoga classes as you expand the doorway for all to enter. Explore how to use your intention and personal authenticity to inspire others in their yoga journey. Understand the role of language in a yoga class and how to reduce the stress around our words. We will cover:

- What is Body Positivity?
- Common triggers (sensitivities) which students may be prone to
- How awareness and intention can help to cultivate more inclusive language
- How props, modifications and body shifts play a role in supporting body positive yoga.

This workshop provides 4 CEU through Yoga Alliance. This class is suitable for all certified Yoga Teachers or anyone currently enrolled in a certified teacher training program.

Dress for practice.


Date + Time

Sunday, March 5, 1:00 - 5:00 pm


$65 in advance; $75 day-of

Led by

Nancy Rhodes

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