Finding Home: A Course in Yogic Perspective for Inspiring Positive Change

The essence of yoga lies in the practice of self-study, however, getting started can be a challenge. This interactive course is designed to guide you into self-study that is accessible and practical. You will form a commitment to mindfulness that encourages the release of attachments and conditioning that create static everyday life. Each lesson is a guiding step to releasing the ties that bind us to our past so that we may open to the present and move towards the future centered, steady and with ease.

Our self-exploration and self-discovery will follow the study of:

Sankalpa (intention) | Samskara (habitual patterns) | Tapas (intensity & perseverance) | Shani (slowing) | Vidya (clear-seeing) | Abhaya (fearlessness) | Darshana (vision)

Consider this course if you are interested in:

- Creating a change in your life, but don’t know where to start
- Making sense of life changes currently underway or on the horizon
- Deepening the non-physical aspects of your yoga practice
- New to yoga, and interested in the philosophies as much as the physical discipline
- Taking your relationship with yoga to the next level, but not interested in or ready for a yoga teacher training program
- A refresher on the concepts explored in our 40 Days to Free Series and deepening your practice of those teachings

For registered yoga teachers, this course offers 38 contact and 52 non-contact CEUs through Yoga Alliance!

This course spans July 28 – October 28. It begins with a weekend retreat, and continues with 3 full days. **NEW: COURSE WILL BE OFFERED AS RETREAT + IN-PERSON AND RETREAT + VIDEO***

Course schedule and inclusions are as follows:

  • Kick-off Weekend Retreat at New Water Farm, Lake Martin, AL, July 28 (4pm) – July 30 (12 pm) *includes vegetarian meals and lodging: your choice of shared bunk room or a personal tent on the green (rent for $25 or bring your own)* Download the Kick-Off Weekend Schedule
  • Friday intensives, August 25, September 22, October 27, 10:30 – 2:30 at Villager Yoga
  • Saturday, August 26, Elemental Therapy *Earth* Special Class
  • Saturday, September 23, Global Mala Community Meditation & Meet-Up
  • Saturday, October 28, Elemental Therapy, *Air* Special Class
  • 10-class pass at Villager Yoga ($125 value)
  • Workbook and reference materials



Led by

Annie Damsky & Emilie Maynor (The Fearless Om)


$908 (payment plan available; inquire if necessary)


July 28 - October 28 (see left for details)

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