The Yoga of Food Series begins October 25

Apply the tenets of yoga to help develop a healthier relationship with food and your body.

Emilie Maynor of Emilie Maynor Living will focus on how to learn to relate to food in a conscious, loving, and mindful manner through addressing the yogic concept of “samskaras” (patterns or habits) that are deeply engrained in our psyche and actions. Understand how becoming mindful of these patterns can help you open to gradual changes in habit, while treating the body with kindness. Open to how food can nourish, heal and balance you instead of relying on it to soothe anger, sadness, or stress.

Over the course of this 4 week series, you can expect:
-deeper understanding of your relationship with food and what factors my be contributing to negative behavior patterns, impeding commitment to change and how to overcome them
-how to break the reward verse restriction tug-of-war once and for all!
-decoding the 4 types of stress that contribute to mindless eating habits
-simple tools to apply mindful eating to your daily live - even if you're a busy bee :)
-Intention setting and accountability to your personal goals
-a loving, like-minded community to support and grow with you

Please note that this is discussion, activity and meditation based series. There will not be a traditional mat practice.


Date & Time

Oct 25 - Nov 15
Wednesdays, 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Led by

Emilie Maynor


$75 for the full series

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